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Installing git on a Bluehost Hosting Account

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

I recently upgraded the version of git that I was using on my personal hosting account to the latest version, I was surprised with how easy it was. I am sure that these steps are not that different for other shared hosting companies and plans, but I have only tested them on Bluehost.

  1. Download it: $ wget
  2. Unpack it: $ tar xf git-
  3. CD into it: $ cd git-
  4. Configure it: $ ./configure --prefix=~/git-install
  5. Compile it: $ make
  6. Make a directory for it: $ mkdir ~/git-install
  7. Install it: $ make install
  8. Fix .bashrc so you can use it: Add ~/git-install to the end of your $PATH variable. If there was a line in .bashrc that looked like
    change it to look like:

Voila, you now have a functioning installation of git on your hosting account! You can use it to keep your website in version control, or do something really wild and use it as a repository server.